Out of the box, FreshMVVM offers a Master/Detail page navigation container that works nicely. However, it does not support lazy loading the pages as you navigate to them. Below, I demonstrate how I’ve done it.

We need to replace the FreshMVVM original implementation of FreshMasterDetailNavigationContainer. Note that the implementation below is mostly a copy with the following changes:

  • The list view is grouped
  • Each item in the list can have an icon
  • In the AddPage methods, we no longer create an instance of the pages added, we just add a light reference to a collection
  • The menu page is a xaml file instead of fully created in code
  • Only when the menu item is tapped we instantiate and display the Page and ViewModel

LazyLoadedPage class:

INavigationContainer implementation:



Here is how the app looks like on Android:

Lazy Loaded Master Detail example Running Lazy Loaded Master Detail example in Android emulator

And here is the code for this post.